Thomas Resource Group (TRG)
Terry Thomas (President & Founder)

Terry has over 30 years of combined executive search and operating management experience. In addition, TRG works closely with an extended network of highly qualified affiliates who are specialists in research, international recruiting, clinical and medical technology. View Terry’s Bio

Not all search firms are created equal. The following is a list of TRG’s key distinctions though what is most important is the caliber and experience of your search professional and whether they are personally handling all aspects of your search.


Seven Key Distinctions of Thomas Resource Group

  • Experienced
  • TRG has operated for over 20 years independently, with prior experience in top tier International search firms and boutiques, building executive teams for our clients.

  • Personalized
  • Our firm is small by design. The search professional you meet initially from our firm is the same one who will personally conduct your search. Your candidates will all speak exclusively to one experienced, knowledgeable professional who knows your business, culture and your requirements.

  • Focused
  • We are focused on your industry and more importantly we have unparalleled focus on your search. Your search consultant will be working on no more than 2 other assignments concurrently and we take whatever time necessary to ensure the right person for the position.

  • Network and Affiliates
  • We have a deep and broad database of industry executives and an exceptional industry network, often collaborating with affiliates to bring funding, technology and strategic partners, adding further value to the client.

  • Invested
  • We are always invested in our client’s long-term success and often we are literally invested through an equity position as part of our fee.

  • Flexible
  • We are unrivaled in meeting our client’s particular requirements be it timing, fee structure, unbundling the process; whatever the client requires.

  • Consultative
  • In the course of a search you will receive and benefit from industry and market intelligence based on our extensive operating background and diverse business experience.