Thomas Resource Group, Inc. (TRG) has expanded the professional services we offer. In addition to Executive Search, we have added the following cost effective capabilities:

Executive Management Review

This assessment and projected needs review provides the CEO and/or Board of Directors with the information needed to ensure having the right management personnel in the right roles to accomplish current and strategic corporate objectives. The deliverable will be to identify current and projected unmet and/or under-met requirements in management personnel and to develop and implement a plan to make specific changes, or take other actions, to correct issues and shortcomings (e.g., training, coaching, compensation adjustments, title/scope of authority changes, and hiring and/or releasing personnel).

Executive Outplacement

Provides one on one support to any employee being transitioned out of a company from a management/executive role. This is a cost effective option to allow displaced management team members the benefit of our experience and counsel to move to their next opportunity..

Compensation Review

Provides review and assessment of compensation packages to determine if they are industry competitive in order to help ensure retention of or securing the best talent available. This is done quickly and based on fresh data gathered real time from industry executives.

Pre-Search Market Study

Confidential, “shielded” research to assess the level of availability and interest from actual qualified prospects for a specific executive role prior to commencing a formal search. Helps ensure a realistic and effective search design.

These services are based on a Review and Assessment meeting with the CEO and/or the Board of Directors, (or a C level business leader) to determine which, if any, of these services are required. If deemed necessary, the scope and specifics of the project, including objectives, timetable, fees, etc., will be worked out at the client’s convenience.


There is no fee for the Review and Assessment phase, only travel expenses where required.

There is also no obligation to use TRG for any needed services identified from the Executive Management Review. If TRG is retained to deliver any of these services they are conducted on a tailored, fixed fee basis. Fees for our retained searches are customized to meet each client’s specific needs and will be the most cost effective in the market.