Our service is to provide each client with a confidential, comprehensive, expeditious, cost effective and consultative search. Our process is a well-developed strategy, which has consistently resulted in the hire of an exceptional executive. The following are the steps to achieve that result.

First step is critical: ensure an understanding of client’s specific requirements and culture through background meetings with key management and others deemed important to achieve a successful outcome. Develop a comprehensive position description for key stakeholders to review and approve.
Based on the criteria developed, specific prospects will be identified from various resources: TRG database, target companies, networking, client company.
Based on the research, candidate prospecting will begin. Individuals will be screened and qualified and early calibration is achieved when the search consultant reviews the profiles of these initial prospects with the client.
Approved prospects will be further developed through in-depth personal interviews and formal referencing. Based on this advanced assessment, the best candidates will be recommended for full interview schedule with the client.
Final consultative reviews with the client will determine the finalist. Once a finalist is selected, we will ensure candidate’s requirements are met. The client will prepare an offer and the search consultant will continue to play a role in negotiating until the finalist accepts an offer.
Over the course of the next year, consultant will conduct quarterly check-ins with the client and the candidate to determine satisfaction on both sides.